Black Power for Sale

Tristan Sauer, Black Power for Sale, Gashapon Machine, PLA, Photo Paper

Sauer-Tristan_Black Power for Sale(1).JPG
Sauer-Tristan_Black Power for Sale 02(1).JPG

Black Power for Sale was presented as apart of moveObjects On at The Plumb in 2021. You can view documentation from the exhibition here.

Black Power for Sale explores the intersections between social justice, blackness, and consumerism, and how those intersections affect important social messages.


Contained in a repurposed gashapon machine, synonymous with early malls of the 2000s, Black Power for Sale is an interactive collection of 100 3D printed miniatures, designed after iconic symbols of black power. These miniatures can be purchased from the machine for the price of $2 CAD, with a total of 4 different miniatures to collect. 

The work critiques the impact consumerism and brands have on social movements when they incorporate them into their image for capital gain.

The poster for this piece was created by artist, illustrator and designer Kristoff Edwards.